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- Scenic Ridgeline -
Autumn 2016

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Huge tangled masses of cape ivy, removed from the kanuka bush edge

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Adjacent to the main tourist lookout point & seat on this stretch of Orapiu Rd is a large infestation of garden escapees: honeysuckle, cape ivy & morning gloryImage. This is slowly being eradicated, along with a section of gorse on the road cutting alongside.

This section of road has a baitline along its entire length so woolly nightshade on the Scenic Reserve road verge is being removed as it appears, a byproduct of bait maintenance.

The middle seat looks out over the shellspit below, a view recently reclaimed through judicious pruning, while wilding pine seedlings on the road cutting next to the middle seat are slowly being removed.

All the areas where there has been major weed clearance will be planted with hardy reveg natives to seal the bush edge or simply to provide shade to assist weed suppression. Mimicking nature, a pohutukawa will be planted on the upper road cutting at the intersection.

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April 26th: Community assistance clearing weeds & planting